The French-Brazilian duo, Leo & Steph are the new pop art stars everyone is
talking about. They imagined an iconic character reflecting our inner child:
KID CUP. This faceless character, which can be female or male, amuses itself in a colorful and positive world. It is resolutely optimistic and “drinks life” from his cup that he hardly ever let’s go off. Welcome to the KID CUP FAMILY!
How was born Leo & Steph?

Leo, Brazilian, has settled in Paris since in 2008. He is a designer (graphic and
interior). He paints, molds and draws since he can remember. Not only that,
but he’s one of the Artistic Directors of one of the largest e-commerce
companies in France.
Stéphane, French has been working in the media arena for more than 20 years.
He has headed the programs of NRJ and ENDEMOL. Always a TV producer in JLA
GROUP, this decoration lover, wants to create playful and colorful pieces.