Meet Leo & Steph, the French-Brazilian duo taking the art world by storm with their iconic character, KID CUP. This faceless, gender-neutral figure represents the playful and optimistic inner child in all of us, always seeking out the joy and positivity in life. KID CUP is never without their cup, which serves as a symbol of their love for life and all it has to offer. Welcome to the KID CUP FAMILY!
Leo, a Brazilian native, has been living in Paris since 2008. He is a versatile designer with expertise in both graphic and interior design, and has been painting, sculpting, and drawing for as long as he can remember. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Leo is also one of the Artistic Directors for one of France's largest e-commerce companies.
St├ęphane, a French native, has over 20 years of experience in the media industry. He has held leadership roles at NRJ and ENDEMOL, and currently works as a TV producer at JLA GROUP. With a love for decoration and a desire to create playful and colorful pieces, St├ęphane brings a unique perspective to the art world. Together, Leo & Steph are a dynamic duo that is sure to make a splash in the art world